Immigrating to the United States is one thing, becoming a permanent U.S. citizen is another. There are two ways that U.S. citizenship can be obtained: by being born in the U.S. or naturalization. The latter of the two is a process by which a foreign national is conferred U.S. citizenship after the foreign national has met certain requirements, which we will go over below. If you are seeking to apply for U.S. citizenship, please contact the attorneys at Duke Seth. We have years of experience guiding foreign nationals through the citizenship process and are here to do the same for you.

Naturalization is how someone who was not born in the United States can become a U.S. citizen on their own accord. There are many great benefits that foreign nationals will receive by becoming a U.S. citizen, including:
We know that becoming a permanent U.S. citizen is a dream many foreign nationals have, and we would like to help you achieve this. Depending on a individual’s situation, there are various eligibility requirements that may apply to foreign nationals seeking naturalization. To learn more about the specific eligibility requirements for you and your loved ones, please contact one of our immigration attorneys. Here is a look at the general requirements for naturalization:
To learn more about becoming a U.S. citizen through naturalization, please contact an immigration attorney from Duke Seth at (214) 965-8100.

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